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Our driving school is aimed at providing our students with theoretical and practical knowledge

NTSA New Curriculum

NTSA has developed this new curriculum for the training and testing of drivers in the country.

All Licensing Services

We also provide a range of additional licensing services for our students' driving convenience.

Experienced Instructors

Our team of highly experienced instructors is glad to guide you throughout your driving course

Some Words About Us

Safe Ride Africa Driving School was started as a result of untapped potential in the driver education industry. This potential was in creating a new low-cost position while still being able to compete with the larger companies on quality. This strategy would be created through strategic alliances and partnerships of local individuals and the Government Organisations. (NTSA).

Safe Ride Africa has seen steady growth since its Grand opening in June 2015, in a mature market which is a sign of the firm's viable business strategy. The Driving school has a dedicated Management team and a goal of attaining workforce employees.

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Message From The Director

Just about every individual in this country needs driving education at one point or another in their lives. Therefore the potential market for Safe Ride Africa consists of every person age 18 years and above in our geographical area of Nairobi, Kenya. We segment this market into a series of groups based on their individual needs and different demographics.

Each group has different needs based on lifestyle and past driving experience. Many of our adult drivers are people with tight work schedules who can only devote time for driver education at lunch hours and in the evenings. They often need brush up courses or defensive driver courses. For these individuals Safe Ride Africa Driving School has compressed courses designed to get the driver back onto the street quickly but safely.

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