Message From The Director

Just about every individual in this country needs driving education at one point or another in their lives. Therefore the potential market for Safe Ride Africa consists of every person age 18 years and above in our geographical area of Nairobi, Kenya.

We segment this market into a series of groups based on their individual needs and different demographics. These segments are:

  • Beginner drivers.
  • Adult drivers.
  • Refreshers
  • Commercial drivers.
  • Each group has different needs based on lifestyle and past driving experience. Many of our adult drivers are people with tight work schedules who can only devote time for driver education at lunch hours and in the evenings. They often need brush up courses or defensive driver courses.

    For these individuals Safe Ride Africa Driving School has compressed courses designed to get the driver back onto the street quickly but safely.

    All-Round Courses

    For our beginner drivers, the majority of whom are teenagers, we offer courses after O – Levels, one having attained the age of 18 years, i.e after school. These course are usually longer, and devote more time to the mechanics of driving than the adult classes.

    Finally, our future commercial drivers segment will require courses that are more technical in nature, most detailed and last the longest. Furthermore, many of the students will be able to take the classes during normal working hours. For these students, a more detailed syllabus with the best instructors is necessary.

    NTSA Curriculum

    We use the NTSA New Curriculums comprising of the Highway Code, the Kenya Learner Hand Book & Traffic Act.

    The Government of Kenya through the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) in its commitment to enhance road safety introducing a more clear, concise and professional curriculum for all drivers and riders.

    NTSA Highway Code